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Metamorphica Architecture and Interiors was established in 1995 to practice progressive design in areas of architecture and interiors. Our firm has considerable expertise in helping clients in the earliest stages of projects by providing master planning, programming, acquisition of properties and feasibility study. Our practice is able to provide innovative solution and vision to any projects from conceptual to completion with high level of recognition for our clients.

The word "metamorphica" derives from the word, "metamorphosis" which means "A change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different form". Metamorphica Architecture and Interiors is a progressive design group dedicated to the transformation of built environment in the new millennium. Our main design principles are based upon a thorough understanding of the site conditions, client's requirement, budget and priorities and be a true reflection of the value and their personal or corporate image. Evolution is a natural process, as we strive to evolve all of our projects to create the best possible solution to any challenges we face. We strive to create innovative design that transforms any space into creating value throughout the surrounding environment. Design styles and fashion changes over time, staying in a single moment is not an option. Continuing to evolve and create better images for our clients to incorporate the latest styles and ideas has been our important goal in every proposal we face. As we believe that a better understanding of the current styles and ideas do help with providing our clients with a firm foundation for growth and prosperity in their business.

Metamorphica Architecture and Interiors has exceptional capability to produce creative design that brings maximum value to any type of project. We constantly seek to elevate the standard of our work, bringing forth better and efficient solutions, adding great value, creating more potential growth, profit and efficient environment for your business.

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